Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What friends are for

I know it's a little early for thanksgiving, but i just sense this overwhelming need to express some gratitude to all those who have taken their time, and huge portions of their hard earned money, to sustain my needs and make sure i don't starve to death.

Of course a giant thank you to my welfare state consisting of three individuals residing in balestier, who've put a roof over my head and a constant supply of food and nicotine. I think the only way i could ever repay this debt would be buying them a little island in the pacific where they can pursue their dream of farming cocaine and distrubuting them to South East Asia. Well in time mates... in time... and i'll be there to make sure you don't get busted (don't ask how).

My credit card company and my favourite bud/girl, whom not only was my source of cash and nicotine but also a supplier of footwear and clothes. Emotional support, Financial support, Gym-training support... you name it, she's got it. How would my life be without you dear friend.

The one person who made me enjoy work throughout my internship, even though she's all the way in Malaysia. If i ever miss anything about working, it's having your company in this cold realm known as the internet.

And last but not least God, even though i've never really had to opportunity to get to know you, for blessing me with so many good friends, and that special someone who simply has a charm to brighten my day. For giving me the avenue to be on good terms with her again and enlightening me on several issues. For creating two bastards to constantly remind me that life isn't all that beautiful, though i suspect it was actually Satan's work in letting them roam my life like an incurable plague.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


Dear Neil,

It's been a while since we've last met. In fact i was beginning to wonder if you'd still remember me. The distance we've kept from each other had drifted our relationship much further than I had expected, but something in you cried out to me this week, a desperate burst of emotions. It was this call for help that awoke me, and now i write this to you in an attempt to reconcile the two of us. After all we're really old friends of eighteen years.

I understand the hurt you feel. The loss, the angst... it's written all over your face. You are in a state of distress and denial, unwilling to accept the circumstances imposed on you. As a friend, I warn you that it will not change a thing, and bring you nothing more but misery. In fact the expotential nature of how much you've lost suggests that the current direction will lead to the loss of exactly what you're trying to achieve ultimately. My suggestion? Let go of your bitter feelings. Forget the temptations of letting them burst with passion, for there at the other end, nobody stands to accept nor appreciate your love. This month had eroded your soul to its very foundations. Fret not. I may have neglected you but I am here to answer your needs.

Imagine you and I together once more. Remember what we've achieved before? yes... the discipline, the passion, the kind of growth you have not experienced in many weeks, the pleasure derived from simple yet priceless throphies... they can all come true again. You may not see much value in them after what you've lost... but once you have a taste of it again... i promise you it's true esctacy. Happiness beyond all measures...

You still think of her? I shall not stop you, nor ask of you to forget and be hopeless. What I ask of you is to accept me once more into your mind, your soul, so that i may develop strength in you once again... and build up a barrier around your heart... so that no men nor women, saint nor devil, shall ever harm you again. Awaken my friend... forget who you are right now... become who you were born to be...

Yours Sincerely,