Friday, November 19, 2004

Hang the rapist

We had a debate on paedophilia a while ago (That child porn should be legalised on anime) and i'm amazed at how people automatically shun to defending paedophiles. In my opinion, it's a terrible stigma imposed on paedophiles and is in many ways unfair to them. The implications are pretty obvious, things like meagan's law label them as evil child molesters and simply restricts them from living a normal life... like a gay man living in a muslim neighbour hood. Perhaps meagan is necessary, but it's one thing to protect your child and another to reject the ex-offender's reintegration into society.

The problem i'm concerned about is not really anything new, it the way people perceive these people. It has happened with african americans and is happening with homosexuals and well... malays in singapore. What i think people fail to distinguish is the act of paedophilia and the concept of paedophilia. I do agree that the action of having sexual intercourse with a child is unacceptable, and that's because the other party is an underaged immature kid and much harm is done to him. In this case the state has every right to punish the offender as we do in any rape cases. Some may argue it's immoral, but i don't beleive in using morality as a yardstick. I mean, we as the "civilized people" (with a stick up our asses) seem to see paedophilia as something unethical and something that would never be morally right, while in other societies of the world, it seems all right that a thirteen year old kid perform oral sex on an older man as a ritual of entering manhood or even cultures where marriages are arranged between a fourty year old man and a nine year old kid. So really, when philosophers argue that morality is fluid, they do it with a good reason.

Now the critical question is, does society shun to paedophilia because of the harm or the moral issue? because if you subtract the morality and the harm and think with a more open mind and a mature light, paedophilia is really just a sexual preference. Just a group of people that are different from the rest of us just like homosexuals. Condemn the action, put them through the rehabilitation process, cane them as a deterrent measure if you must, but one thing society should never do, is discriminate them for who they are. These people are born this way and will always be that way, but they are still human beings none the less. What we have to do is to stop thinking of them like animals with no control over their own body. They are mature adults with a working brain (unless otherwise specified) and have all the capacitiy to make a judgement of wether or not to commit the crime, especially when they're aware of the consequences they'll be facing (these are ppl who get beaten up in jails). The problem is that we forget this fact most of the time because we seem to be overwhelmed with the stigma imposed upon to us that "it's wrong to have sexual appeal from a child". Most of us don't bother to think why it is wrong or recognise that paedophiles have been brought up in the same society as we have and is just as much a member of the public as we are... and not a stray dog infected with rabies.

I personally don't beleive that there is one right way of thought process, some things may appeal to you others may not. As long as harm is not involved, i beleive that people should have the capacity to accept the lifestyle led by others. If we look at it that way, it doesn't seem so bad and "immoral" to interact with paeodophiles, or allow them the entertainment of things like cartoon child porn or literature. It's unfair to reject them because the actions related to the sexuality is harmful, for us to assume that he's done it once, he'll do it again. Don't condemn people on assumptions, it's like saying "stay away from the arabs, they might be terrorists" or "keep the blacks out, they generate domestic crime".

Hate paedophila, but don't blame all paedophiles for it. Because you simply give these poor souls a hard time to move on with their life and in the case of ex offenders, makes it much harder for them to rehabilitate. How can one respect society and its laws when we don't respect him? How would you like to walk down the streets and people blame you for an action you've already repented for?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Holiday Seasons

Last night i took a walk down orchard. It was all decorated with christmas lightings and the town was preparing for the holiday seasons, like one of those descriptions you hear between the lyrics of "Silver bells" or "Christmas song" (except for the snow part that is). I hated it.

It's not that i'm some kind of anarchist who hates to see people celebrating, but everytime i witness them in such joyful moods, it incites a certain angst. It's not a new concept really, when a person feels left out when everybody around relishes something he doesn't have or rather never had. It's the simple joys of life that i lack; a place i could call home, people i could call family, friends whom i could call close. The closest thing I had to a proper christmas was about four years ago, when i shared it with Lu's family. Of course my parents weren't too happy about the idea of my spending christmas away from 'em (yes we attempt to celebrate it), but if there were any reasons why i made an effort to do so, they had better looked in the mirror before they start blaming anyone. Called it disfunctional... but the frauds nor the affairs between them, i'd rather not have come to known, is in no way justified for scaring my childhood days. I hold a grudge for good reasons and i reckon it will not go away in a very long time, and that's simply one of my trademarks.

It's a pity how superficial people are these days. When my own countrymen is out to screw over naive kids like myself who go to them for aid after having left home for the first time. How family members pretend to be such a caring guardian while overcharging rent right under your nose. I had a resolution a couple of years ago, to never get too close to anyone. I simply have a phobia of being backstabbed all over again. I took my chances and the result wasn't too pleasant but that's besides the point. I'm a personificatin of irony aren't I? I seek a family yet am too afraid to even establish close friends.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Has it been so long?

Alright so i haven't been updating regularly, and shit loads seem to have occured in my absence; the elephants took the white house home... again..., Arafat's dead, a japanese hostage got beheaded, the jews are planning (mind you, their stand is mercurial) to pull out of gaza... and basically the world has changed.

On another note, things have changed here as well. Been to malacca and back, and i sure cherish those days for it was the only weekend worthy of the title 'holidays'. Seems like the vacation i'd wanted hasn't been going the way i'd like it to be. I'm muggling two jobs for starters, yet i still can't seem to accumulate enough to sustain the next six months, let alone go for the worlds. My good friend Kelvin seems to be involved in an affair unworthy of details and i'm on a rollercoaster ride again with that one girl. I mean it's all nice and dandy but it just doesn't feel like the kind of days i'd enjoy the most.

My idea of a perfect vacation would be to be able to have all the cash i need and not worry about the future. Heck i don't want to worry about anything... and not have this insecure feeling that i'll either starve to death in the next couple of months or be left damaged again like what happened back in September. That's when i begin to recall my carefree days right after my O levels when weed and basketball seemed to govern my life, with no pressure on what happens next. Even this post seems to consume the last bits of my energy that'd i'd drop asleep any minute now... well guys... sorry to disappoint ya... be a better post next time.