Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A call from the past

It was 2 a.m. in the morning. I lay on my bed and stared blankly into the dark vacum of the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. Random thoughts dribbled through my mind casually, integrating into a film released only in my imagination. Heh, call me a dreamer, but aren't we all in some ways? The mind is the most gratifying form of entertainment one could possibily access yet at the same time, a fearsome weapon. My esctasy didn't last long though. My muse frowned upon me, as my creativity vanished the instant i heard my cell ringing.

I glanced at the screen; "no number" . I assumed it was probably mom checking if i paid my respects to the new ambassador, another pathetic infidel from the army. Thus i was quite surprised when i heard a pleasant female voice on the line. It was familiar, yet i couldn't place it.

"Athe le, you've forgotten it's my birthday today?"

"Athe le"? it was a burmese term in which you address a loved one. Literal translation would mean... small liver(don't ask). Not even my mom's ever called me that, except... I quickly struggled to grasp the date... August 31st. Then it struck me, who else could it be but her...

Though it's been a year since we've last met, the conversation went well, It always does with her. For the next half hour, we shared our moments of laughter and tears just like old times. Of course we couldn't talk as much as we'd like to, but the brief phone call was both very refreshing and satisfying. Then she finally broke the news,

"My parents are getting me engaged..."

I didn't see that one coming so soon... I've expected to hear it a couple of years down the road.

"Well i'm happy for you."

I genuinely was. Shocked but i wouldn't take the news badly, whatever history there may have been, she's still my best friend.

After i hung up, I couldn't help but smile. It these small moments that makes life worth living. I went back to bed, and fell straight to sleep. I felt contented each time i look through that window to the past.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


It's a little arkward coming here again after such a long time. Some old memories either tend to be refreshing, or disgusting. It'll take more than one post to describe my whereabouts in the last few months, so i guess i can live without telling the tale here on the internet. A few highlights though, will be some achievements at the Asians (debate and "non-debate" in the words of annu), the build up to the asians, i'm working at frost and sullivan and the recruits this year are pretty cool.

Why did i come back? Well if you're looking for an artistic answer, i'd say i've got old ghosts back to haunt me and new ones draining the life out of me. A practical answer would be simply because i have access to the internet again =) , and i do get bored at work, thus lunch time blogging seems to be some form of entertainment.

I'm in currently in a situation i'd like to call a transition period, finding a proper job as a fresh graduate ain't that easy. Of course it gets better when people don't really take nineteen year olds seriously in the corporate realm but somehow i'm trying to struggle my way in. Each day i look around and find myself in a whole new world, one which i know little about. I suppose that's why HR managers are very particular about work experience, to evaluate how well you can assimilate into their company. There will be more tales to tell about my experiences as a naive kid trying to make it big in the industry, but now really isn't the time to begin that chapter. Let's talk more about the good stuff, and good stuff and by that, i mean the new broadcast from Norway.

More popularly known as "BBC" back home, the democractic voice of Burma has been the sole provider of credible news in Burma. Its radio programmes are subscribed by anyone who can afford a decent FM receiver, even by members of the SPDC. DVB has recently decided to raise the bar by broadcasting television programmes this week. It brings hope to those with a political drive and quenches those thirsty for information free from the distortion of state propagenda. DVB has always been, and will contiue to be, a momento to the burmese dedication to democracy.

The real question then is... why haven't they been jammed? SPDC seems pretty darn effiecient at cencoring the internet, not to mention propagenda tailored at the fancy of the generals. Some people i spoke to interpreted this as arrogance and their vain beleif that nobody could ever topple the SPDC. I beg to differ. SPDC has nothing to be arrogant about... People still listen to Suu Kyi's rally, risking whatever livelihood the currently possess. Demonstrations go on almost every couple of months regardless of the crackdown and persecution. The last thing the generals want would be a medium of information that will incite even more resistance.

My opinion is a more optimistic view. I beleive the lure of real information about your own country is an irresistable throphy. The infrastructure of SPDC is not one founded on a committee, but one built without the foundation of trust even among themselves. All we have to do is look at the amount of resentment created through frequent shuffling, the house arrest of Khin Nyunt etc. demonstrating that under a regime in which political integrity is lost, nobody can be assured of living a life free from the fear of continual prosecution. Those who recognises this must not shun it, nor see it as a weakness of the regime. Democratic principles have never been founded on hatred, and the armed forces is no doubt an integral part of Burma. The right thing to do would be to welcome the gesture as a beacon that we're dealing with people, not machines. It is a gesture that reconciliation IS possible.