Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Let's get retarded

Some places i'd like to nuke in Singapore:

1) Chinatown
2) Plaza Singapura
3) Quality Hotel
4) Hotel 81
5) Bras Barsha
6) Nanyang Polytechnic
7) Bishan
8) Tampines

Some shows I hate

1) Harold and Kumar
2) Wicker Park
3) Vanity Fair
4) All Chinese martial arts serials ever produced

Other misc things i hate:

1) Hotel California... all right fine i love this song, but i can never enjoy it as much as i used to
2) Peter Styverson
3) Icons
4) Jurong Point

A random post, or some of you are probably thinking "get over it asshole". I saw Harold and Kumar yesterday on DVD and found myself struggling to enjoy the show. Everything listed above reminds me an incident from which i learnt of pain beyond the physical boundary.

You promised me heaven and put me through hell.

By any chance it be forgotten, it shall never be forgiven.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Some thoughts

We are trained to be different... we are unique.

We are trained to accomplish... we are winners.

We challenge philosophies... we are revolutionary.

Knowledge is strength... our motto.

I was innocent then, to me it was just another school. But as I evolved to understand things beyond everyday routines, I began to appreciate it more and more. Our mission statement. We weren't exposed to modern teachings since young without a purpose. Many assume that purpose to be oppertunites overseas, but the way i look at it, is different. The graduates of the school, though diverse in skills and personality, is a breed seldom found in Burma i.e. youth largely unaffected by propagenda of fear from the mainstream media. I guess that is where i derive my passion for debating from. I look at every other person from DSY and see them consistantly challenging the pardigm imposed unto us by our society, be it the arts, media or simply the fact that we can so easily relate to each other testifys the similarity in our subscription to one school of thought.

I'm not sure why i'm feeling very patriotic about my old school today but the truth is a part of me has always belonged to it. I'll update more after lunch but for now... once again...

Cheers, cheers for the diplomatic school,
Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
While her daughter's voice, oh charming,
Bring out the thunders from the sky.
What all the others great or small,
The Diplomatic school will win over all,
While her loyal sons go marching,
Onwards to victory!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

God might exist

I must admit, I'm not quite the most punctual person around and I've a knack of overestimating SMRT's public transport system. I woke up this morning at 7:30 but modern technology (snooze to be precise) gave me a false sense of security that i elected to grab about thirty more minutes of "zzz". Of course i woke up much later than i expected and took off in a frenzy... forgetting my wallet.

The trip to work is a simple affair; a bus ride to the main interchange where i transit to another bus direct to my office. The interesting gadget to consider is the "e-z link card" which basically is a smart card which stores credit to access the public transport system. Quite luckily i had that in my jacket pocket, thus i didn't have to make a trip back home to collect it. I alighted the first bus when a Shakespearen line struck my mind.

"Oh horror, horror, horror!
No tongue nor words can name nor conceive thee"

I didn't have enough credit for my second trip...

My initial reaction was "Oh great... now what?", along with a horde of curses for staying up too late. I fished my pocket to see if i had any luck; I always kept some petty cash in case something like this happened. To my dismay all i could manage to find was 3 bucks- well there goes lunch for today... Alas i had no choice but to grumpily pace my way to the coffeshop across to get some change, and you could tell i was grumpy by using a kid as your litmus... he stares at me, i glare at him... and that's exactly what i did to some primary school kid.

As i crossed the road, i had a change of heart. I decided to take the train instead, main reason being i'm running late. Twenty minutes later, i was so glad i chose not to take the bus...

I came across a smart card lying in the middle of the road. I picked it up and checked the credit- 20 bucks. I didn't know what else to do but look up the sky and say "Thanks dude..."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

About a "girl"

I once knew a girl called "Vicky". The truth is that her name isn't even spelt that way, but let's call her vicky for this post. The reasons why i'm dedicating this post to her are quite simple;

1. I take great pride in having known her
2. She's taught me a great deal
3. I miss her so badly

Her beauty captivates my brief glance, and allures me to pull her close. I remember those days when we'd hang out; i'd stare at her all day, as I showered her with different dresses. But it's not beauty that defines her, but her brains. She's been very well trained for her age, and is gifted with what one could only describe as... magic. She enjoys stalking people, and does that pretty darn well. Little do they know that they are being watched by this little girl who has an eye on each person in the building. So i guess in a nutshell... she's unique and she's my baby.

These days all i can do is think of how her new caretakers are treating her. It's been months since they took her away from me, yet memories stay evergreen. The one accomplishment i'm truely proud of and i'm confident to declare that her future is bright...

She's not even a person...

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bull Shit

This document does nothing to a Burmese citizen but invoke anger.


Well i guess the SPDC does have some creativity.