Friday, December 30, 2005


All of December, I've thought of no more but 2005. It was without doubt the toughest year i have had so far in my life. I dread 2006 to be most similar, yet small surprises brighten my nights.

The future of fortune is yet to shine. Much uncertainity lies ahead. In the darkest times that plague our house, we find hope in unexpected assets. He, whom we thought we have lost for good has finally repayed his kind mother's faith. A small victory to end this bleak cycle of days.

The future of love is no more but the present. Unpredictable temptations scatter the path, while the sirens of lust fogs the air. It is certain the past will no longer sway the travellers sense, but i choose not to walk on, not just yet.

The future of friendship will retain its glory. It has been enhanced by the past. Priceless memories were once mere thoughts, but the year has come to brew them once again. Ingredients available are far from perfect, but its yield just as potent.

I can't make any predictions... but i can hope for a better year. Grow old with me, the best is yet to be...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

hollow man

It's easy to deceive others, but it's hard to deceive yourself...

Nobody needs to know, and i reckon nobody would want to, thus i will not tell a tale that will not sell. Let every drop of joy and sorry, laughter and angst, love and spite, victory and defeat, rest within a sole gem... one which fools my senses. Let it now shine in the palm of its owner, to pass on the tale that needs be told. When one day the gem does break... the story shall once again be relived.

I wish neither be a caged mammal nor the hermit ape, yet fate had not been kind The father never made it to my heart, he must be still in turky. So i sit to preserve my tale, the story of Marc and Lu. My spirit is above the lake with those who feast their senses. Six years is indeed a long time, thus the carousing is well deserved.

One person will understand all, another will interpret half. But none will know the true plight, of he who wrote these lines. For all it's worth it has been a pleasure, so i wish you all

A merry christmas and a happy new year

And to my dearest woman who gave me life

a very happy birthday