Monday, May 22, 2006

Ready... Break!

Good day my dear readers, well whoever is bored enough to check here for updates, that is. As I no longer claim this space to be a private one where my writings are meant for myself, let me once again annouce that this space is catered to you my readers, without discounting the fact that the opinions and anecdotes posted here are by all means true to my personal life and feelings. As much as it sounds as though I am prostiting my life, I will continue to emphasize that I wish to share my experiences, not sell my views. Hey besides it's more fun this way than talking with you lot face to face when I need to think twice about if I'd be offending you... well THAT is being untrue to myself.

Let's sum up my last few weeks;

A new beginning

Once upon a time, curiousity led me to a club that changed my perception on life. Well it's like one of those life altering experiences you read about in novels, one that usually triggers the protagonist to do all the amazing things dictated by the plot. Strangely enough novels don't usually have sequeals that maintains the charm of its original installment, save LOTR. I'm thankful life is quite different. Four years later, the same curiousity is about to catalyst another such experience. I'm sure most of you know what I'm speaking of. Fourth of July might just turn out to be a little more than US independence day.

An alternate perspective

Last weekend I managed to spend fragments of time with two groups of people in opposite ends of the spectrum. Lesson learnt; It's not what you do, but who you do it with that defines how much one could enjoy a social event. I mean seriously, a bunch of grown ups playing UNO Stacko sounds blatantly retarded but I must admit i darn well enjoyed it against the commercially cool party with smokes and alcohol. Of course I'm still glad I went for the latter since it led me to do something productive in life.

A humble petition

A friend of mine flash banged me with the words "you seem to have found peace.". Eh? Really? Well I guess it's a good improvement that people think that way. I expected people to still perceive me as the rowdy bloke with an insensitivity sharp as razor. Honestly though I don't think I've made peace with myself yet, nor with the people around me. I still don't know my purpose in life either. But I'm alot closer to finding out than I ever was before. I mean hey... I used to look at random isolated pieces of events and treat them as they are individually but I can now fix them up and realise... they form a much bigger picture. Well pray that I find the direction in life lest some guy comes up to me and arrogantly questions

"What's your problem with life?"

A delightful revelation

It's a bitter sweet feeling.
Faith was a price I had to pay so that I might find it.
Wounds were necessary so that they may be healed.
Control was forfeited so that I may not be alone.
Rejection was felt so that I may learn to love

Only though these, have I learnt to live.
I only ask that I be let live.

Just image photos here... I'm too lazy to upload 'em...