Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why am I here?

"Here take this one."

Andrew handed me another small plastic holder for the second time. It resembled a very small grail within which a flat disc of wax provided the fuel to keep the candle burning. The group of about seventy inquiriers had started queueing into two parallel lines which literally was side by side. Nested along the middle of the line, I could see that one of the sponsers was holding up a cross, attached to a pole up front. It sometimes amazed me how much value and meaning such simplistic symbol of a cross could possibily carry. Had I known every aspect of it, I probably would not be standing where I was that night.

"This is going to be a silent walk. Do not speak from your mouth, but from your heart. Do not speak to the person beside you, but speak to God. Pray as you march towards the church."

I heeded these words. I wasn't very sure who said it, nor did I wonder to find out. Initially I had no consentration whatsoever. Each step taken was accompanied by a senseless stringing of words in my mind. I looked up towards the cross leading my way to the church and closed my eyes. Could have been a miracle in itself that I did not trip anyone else heh. It was then that I started gaining control of my heart, for I can be the judge of my own mine when I sincerely attempt to communicate with God and others I merely cry out for the sake of doing so. I soon found myself in a somber mood, deep in meditation when from a distance I heard voices singing praises to the Lord. We were at the doorsteps of the church. As I entered, I couldn't help but contemplate on that momentary feeling this short walk had granted me. I had entered a church several times, but this time it was different. There was a purpose. There was a prayer.

Suddenly I was aware that it was not a mere building with an altar that I was entering, but the House of God... and believe me, the kind of warmth and welcome it offered, anyone would be thrilled to enter it.

Thus was my first day at RCIA.

Oh by the way one more thing i need to blog(as per request), Smoky just called... ha..ha