Monday, August 21, 2006


Moments I praise God for...

Farah's ecstasy

Chinese Seafood!


And friends

through fire, through rain

Rosanna, Rosanna

Sister Danks

After 3 years production,

Smoky's masterpiece

Whacky molestation Adventure,

... for the altar boy

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Nobody Remembers

Thow me a party this one day
Let me know that you're still there
Let's celebrate and reherse our old ways
A month away is no longer there.

Pretend with me
Won't you wear the mask of past,
Or the present your true masquarade?
For truth and love combined should last
And needs not be a mere parade.

So remember this day,
Won't you remember this day?
Some words never hear nor say
In the midst of fame
Some hearts knows not of fame
But never forsake this name

Thus in the end only truth will stay
Though lack the attension pay
Spoken not, heard not but we know it's still the same

Passion and lovers at your side,
Adventures each day you rise,
But truth and love will run and hide?
Before you they truely are, only if you realise

You find now what you never seek,
Speak no word, break no rules
but ponder if you must.
Take them away? no suiters nor fools
This promise you can always trust.

So remember this name,
Won't you remember my name?
Some thought will forever be same.
In the midst of days
Remember this fine old day
Let it in your memory stay.

Thus till the end this name will stay,
So be kind and affection pay
Ask not, think not you know it'll always be the same.

Nobody remembers my name
Nobody remembers this boy
Nobody remembers this pain
Nobody remembers this joy

But I do

I remembered when I found the secret,
of making anything last
and reject a mere parade