Thursday, December 14, 2006

When December ends

It's a very cruel joke.

Things just seem to be going terribily wrong these last two days I tell you. Vivid images as they may seem, it's one thing to be reminded of 'em but another to have the lot shoved right before your face.

I guess we'll never understand eh? I mean... we're either very ignorant about it or just plain scared to come out of our comforts. I confess that's my case, but i'm sure each of us have our reasons.

But I tell you. Christmas is no time to be sorry, just lonely, especially when you know that someone was at the beach. Not this year though. Because I've got a little treat for us all. When December ends, either all things could end or a new year could begin. The choice of course my dears, is yours.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas O Christmas

When Christmas comes sometimes the world, seems altogether colder,
And you're alone with no one home, you just need your sister,
You always feel so empty, unwanted and so lonely,
And then you find, you realise you come back to your family

Away in Balestier, my baby he wept,
Not a living soul wants me not my mummy he said,
My family they left me, because I had AIDS
I promise I'll never do that to you again.

Hark I hear the Devil coming,
Glory to the fallen king!
You're not even anything like him,
I just don't care what you think.
He's our loving God on high,
One big foolish sacrifice,
He's the reigning king on earth,
Why can't you see what i'm worth.
He will reign forever more
Go the exit's through that door.

Drop by the Novena this christmas eve for the midnight mass ;p

Merry Christmas everyone.

Love you all