Monday, February 02, 2009

All Saints- The Novice; Prologue

“O gloomy night of darkness,
A night whence evil prevail,
This love that he harnessed,
He goes forth to assail…”

A man of God… what must men do to belong to God? What trials must he face to prove his unconditioned allegiance to Him, free from all injuries of schism? On a dark night filled with yearnings, a young man braved storm and thunder, searching for his beloved. Where will his search lead him? Was his conviction one borne of love or a fool’s fickle musing? What was he truly looking for? These questions he must answer before his final profession into the Order. He prayed as he rode for the grace to remain faithful to God’s will, for his doubts plague his conscious. A light in the distance… He now approached his destination and his mission.

A woman of God… she was the bride of God Himself. She has welcomed with joy the trials before her, freed by these trials that she may give herself wholly to His will. On a bright noon filled with love, a young woman gave herself to be a virgin. She had found her destiny. She was convinced of her vocation. She continued to seek the will of God. Professed into her vocation she no longer questioned but accepted each day as a gift from God. The noon was over now and darkness approaches. She prayed for the grace to remain faithful for she sensed the night approached her blessed convent.

It was the night of destiny of what had been and what would be. God’s love was told that night amidst the wetness and gloom. He had arrived to do God’s will. He knocked upon the door as a guest in need. He entered the convent as a brother of peace. Secure in the heart of the holy home. He drew his daggers for it was God’s will. Sounds of thunder intertwined with wailing women yet nobody heard the noise. Blood, agony and death was the night’s purpose yet he had no remorse as he did it for God. What gave him the hardness of heart? What deluded him to do this task?

“In the name of the Holy Mother Church, you have been sentenced to immediate termination my dear sisters. God have mercy on your souls…”

Six lives he took of those whom he knew and did not know and when it came down to the last, he held his blade. He saw her eyes filled with sorrows but he knew it was not fear. He knew her too that she was not so weak.

“It is good to see you again Bethany,” he said, “though I trust you do not share the same pleasure.”

“What have you done? What have you become?” her feeble response was carried by a voice from the depths of her agony.

“I am merely fulfilling my vocation my dear, one which I have sought all my life. As you made sacrifices, I too have made sacrifices. As you have followed the Lord, I too am following the Lord. It is a pity your journey must end tonight.”

Her heart was breaking, and a well of tear sprung up from her throat to her eyes. The person she once knew was no more. She had only God to strengthen her in these final hours. She did not understand martyrdom to be a joyful affair as described by saints before her.

“Before you strike me, answer me this question…” she wanted to know. She had to know. She needed to find out if the man before her truly was the man she had known.

“Do you still love God?”

What will his answer be?...



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