Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Where have you fled my beloved words?
And left me abandoned in my time of need
You who have been my shield and sword
Forsook mine senses and not intercede

Who now will weave my tale of love?
Or tell the story of my soul's longing?
Who now will carry this secret love,
To her for whom my soul is longing?

O heart aid you this despearate man?
You who moans with equal desire?
Will you trace the roads on which she ran?
That we may set her heart on fire.

Alas! kidnapped my heart this lady fair,
In daylight under my very eyes.
Beloved please keep your hostage with care
And quieten not its gentle sighs.

My mind is ever upon you beloved,
To rest I go with you in my song
I wait in hope for your voice beloved,
Each morn i wake for you i long.

Who will write this tale of love?
But the one who hears my prayers
Who will sing this song of love?
Of her, the answer to my prayers

Oh trinity of love, to you i turn
Will you author this book with mercy?
My senses frail yet my heart does burn
Lead me lord to its esctasy.

My beloved is in the clouds, yet here on earth,
Oh what joyful longing!
My beloved is in my heart, yet by the lake,
Oh hopeful longing!

I wait for my beloved in silent prayer.
Break not the heart you have stolen!


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